ARI Onagofly 1 Plus Drone

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Are you looking for a small drone? If so, then you may be interested in the ARI Onagofly 1 Plus – this is a drone that has captured the attention of many people throughout the world and for good reason. Yes, the drone is small in size, but you shouldn’t let this scare you off because good things have a tendency to come in small packages. In this article, we’re going to take a look at the ARI Onagofly 1 Plus and see if it’s something you should get for yourself …

Small Size

The ARI Onagofly 1 Plus is so small that it can easily take off from the palm of your hand.

GPS and Camera

The Onagofly does have a GPS, along with a 15MP/1080P camera.  Since it offers 15 megapixels, the images will be crisp and clear. The 1080p video is also a big hit as it is capable of taking high quality video footage.
Operate it from Your Smartphone

You can operate the drone from your smartphone through a Wi-Fi connection. You will not only be able to control it, but you will also have the ability to download photos and video so that you can immediately share it with your friends. For recording, you’ll need a microSD memory card and a smartphone/tablet.

Built-in GPS

There’s a built-in GPS that syncs with the GPS that is in your phone. With this feature the Onagofly is capable of tracking your movement.

Avoid Obstacles

You will also have passive infrared sensors on each side of the droid – those are there in order to help you avoid obstacles within 20cm of the drone.

The Measurements

The drone measures 5 x 5 x 2 inches and only weighs 0.3 pounds. It’s so small that you can easily put it in a bag and it is under the FAA’s 250-gram weight, so you won’t be required to register it.

Built-In 15MP Camera and Full HD Video

The Onagofly has a 15MP built-in camera and is capable of recording videos in up to 1080p at 30 FPS. Both are recorded in full quality straight to a microSD memory card (the memory card doesn’t come with the drone, this is something you will have to buy separately).

Ready to Fly

As soon as you get the drone, you can start your adventures are they are already put together and ready-to-fly.

Battery Life

The battery can last up to 15 minutes and fortunately, a battery charger is included.

Additional Features

Here’s some additional  key features that we feel you should know about:

Flight Time – This drone is capable of a 12-15 flight time.

Detection – You will have face and smile detection.

It has a Sony-made 8-megapixel image sensor with a useful electronic image stabilization

Automatic takeoff and landing – this feature comes in handy

The ARI Onagofly 1 has a barometric sensor that helps it hover in place

With the removable battery, the OnagoFly 1 Plus is lighter, bigger and far more flexible.


If you’re looking for a good drone that has a decent flight time (up to 15 minutes), has face and smile detection and can take good pictures and videos, then the ARI Onagofly 1 might just be a viable option for you.