DJI Mavic Pro Drone

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While there are so many different drones currently on the market, not all of them are created equal. Today, the one that stands out from the crowd would be the DJI Mavic Pro. To date, this is DJI’s smallest drone, but don’t let that fool you, because big things can come in small packages. This drone is still able to maintain some pretty amazing features, which we will be talking about in this DJI Mavic Pro review …

A Look Inside the Box

As of right now, there are 2 options available for this drone. The first one, of course, is the base model, while the second one is called the “Fly More” combo bundle. With the Fly More combo bundle, the main attraction would be the extra batteries – we’ll be looking at the combo bundle.

You’ll have three boxes with the Fly More bundle. The first one is the one with the drone with it, if you were to get the base model, that’s the box you would get. Then, there’s a big brown box that contains a handbag to carry the drone around, and the other box contains the Fly More bundle parts, like the extra batteries.

List of the accessories you will receive:

Battery Charging Hub

2 Extra Batteries

Car Charger

Adapter to connect to car/house charger to charging hub

Two sets of extra props

The Weight

In terms of weight, how does it stand-up? The drone weighs 1.62 pounds, the controller weighs 0.69 pounds, and the total weight comes in at 2.32 pounds.

The Basics

The biggest appeal of this drone would be the compact size and the ability to unfold is a major selling point, without a doubt. When you
first start out, you’ll need to unfold its four arms. The rear arms swing down and towards the back, while the two arms up front swing outwards towards the front.

Before you use the drone, you will need to remove the gimbal cover as well as the gimbal lock. Both of these are tiny pieces of plastic that are responsible for protecting the gimbal while you’re carrying it around. The cover is there in order to prevent the gimbal from getting a hairbrush to its face while it’s in your suitcase – the gimbal lock will stop it from bouncing around.

Dedicated Photo Button

On the controller, you’ll find a dedicated photo button – by pressing this button, you’ll be able to take pictures during mid-video recording. Next to that button, you have a wheel that you can use in order to change the exposure.

Video and Photo

The main reason for using this drone would be the ability to take video and photos and for that is one of the reasons the DJI has dominated the market. There are some reviewers that are claiming the GoPro takes better video, but we don’t believe that’s true. You see, the problem with that is the fact that the GoPro gives a fisheye look in 4K, while the Mavic doesn’t seem to have this issue. The Hero5 Black does have linear mode, but that mode is only usable up to 2.7 K, not 4K and GoPro doesn’t offer flexibility when it comes to in-flight shooting displays.


If you’re looking for a good drone that is small, light in weight, easy to carry around and has some pretty amazing features, then the DJI Mavic Pro would be a viable option for you.