FPV Drone Racing Kit

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To go along with your drone, you need a good kit – a kit that is light in weight and comes with a nice drone. When thinking about such, one that comes to mind would be the XDR 220 drone kit. Looking on the market and comparing all of the different kits, this one right here is one of the biggest fly packages on the market. Regardless of who you are, whether you are a first-time pilot or an expert in this field, the drone that is in this package is full of power.

Box Contents

FPV Goggles

FPV 220 RTF Racing Drone

4 X Spare Propellers

AT9 Transmitter

Balance Charger

Mushroom Antenna

Carbon Fiber Battery Cover

Spare Velcro

4 X Spare Screws

6 X M5 Nuts

User Manuals



Carbon Fiber Battery Cover

Features of the Drone

The drone in this package is at the top of the list due to the numerous features and amazing abilities.

Ready to Fly – This is a fully assembled drone, which means it is ready to fly as soon as you take it out of the box. It has been built with a top racing spec motor, which will allow you to reach high speeds, without having to worry about breaking.

Impressive Range – The range on this drone is impressive to say the least. It has a range of almost 3000 feet ground and 5000 feet air.

High Quality Material – The FPV Drone racing kits drone has an extra durable, light, bend-resistant and strong Carbon Fiber Frame. It has integrated electronics as well as a nice HD CCD camera.

Goggles – In the kit, you will find high quality goggles that offer a large screen, making for the ultimate viewing experience. You also have real-time video transmission.

9-CH 2.4 GHz Controller – This controller offers a color LCD screen, customizable switches, S bus compatible and intuitive setup. It’s comfortable to hold, so if you plan on having long flights, this shouldn’t be a problem at all.

Balance Charger – By using this charger, not only will the power be increased, but the battery will last longer as well. This option is safer than those traditional wall chargers.

5.8GHz Firs Person View – The drone offers top notch 5.8GHz first person view (FPV) – There is no setup required and it is easy to use. It’s all imply plug and play.

Powerful Propeller System – The premium propellers and brushless motors make for a powerful propulsion system.

Super Light – The drone has been engineered in order to be one of the lightest currently on the market – this is a major benefit.


There’s even a nice enhanced HD CCD camera and a sensor, offering improved light sensitivity along with extra pixels. What does this mean? Long story short, this means you’ll have extra pixels that are capable of producing higher quality images with wide dynamic, low noise, and excellent backlight. This camera is small, light in weight, and offers lighting adjustments and better color than most of the other drone HD cameras.

The adjustable camera angle hard shell is responsible for protecting your valuable equipment, while allowing you to customize in both camera angle and color, which is important.




If you’re currently on the market for a high quality drone kit, then this FPV drone racing kit right here is a must have.