Qcopter Green Drone Quadcopter

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If you are looking for a feature packed drone for less than $100 then the Qcopter Green Drone might be worth checking out.
Before we go into the pros and cons let’s take a brief overview of its features and what you can expect to get if you purchase this product.

The Drone comes with 2 batteries, a controller and a charger. It’s ready to fly right out of the box; you just need to attach the landing gear and propeller guards. We do suggest that you watch the video provided by the vendor first to get a better feel of how to operate it and what it can do.

Though Recommended for ages 12+ reviews online indicate that younger kids have found this drone easy to set up, use and navigate. One user mentioned that his eleven year old had it flying in minutes after watching the video. Another guy commented that his eight year old had no issue piloting it. We do suggest though that adult supervision is probably a good idea with any RC Flying Vehicle, indoors or outdoors.

Pros & Cons

While the pro’s outweighs the cons considerably with the Qcopter Green Quadcopter we like to be upfront about any negatives we encountered as well.


Long Flight Times – Most of the drones at this price range have a fairly short flight time but probably the biggest selling point of the Qcopter green drone is its long flight duration. Making use of the spare battery you can get a combined flying time of up to 30 minutes with this quadcopter. The batteries take between 1-2 hours to charge, the vendor warns not to overcharge the battery and recommends 2 hours maximum charging time.

Durability & Maneuverability – With a range of 300 feet and easy to use controls younger and unexperienced newbies will find this a great starter drone. This is a lightweight drone but will take a few knocks. Like all drones it is likely to have a few crashes and need replacement parts, these can be easily purchased from the vendor.

LED Lights – This isn’t a deal breaker for us but the ability to fly at night is a great bonus and it does look really cool!

Camera – The Drone comes with a fully functional camera to take HD Photos or videos. You just need to download from the SD card to your computer. There are video instructions on how to do this.

Excellent Customer Service – We were impressed at how many reviewers mentioned the excellent customer service they received from ‘Mike’ at QS LLC. He has excellent videos made on how to get the best from the Drone. Follow up emails to make sure that you are happy with your product and a great replacement and returns service. All round 5 star service which many of his competitors lack.


Bonus Batteries – The sales copy is a little misleading in that it says you get ‘2 bonus batteries’ which led some customers to believe they were getting 3 batteries in total. In fact you are getting 1 battery for using and 1 spare, we still think this is a nice deal though.

Loss of Control – This seemed to be the No1 customer complaint with the drone flying away out of range and being lost. While some of these complaints might be down to defective controls I am sure that some are because users weren’t keeping the quadcopter in the 300 feet range as recommended.  If this does happen to you make sure that you contact Mike at Qcopter because he is quick to replace.

Final Conclusion

With its long flight times, extra features like a camera and LED Lights the Qcopter Green Drone would certainly beat comparable priced drones for its sheer value. What puts it head and shoulders above its competitors though is the excellent customer service provided.